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Beijing Foreign Studies University

(BFSU International)

BFSU International Education Group is part of Beijing Foreign Studies University, engaging in the school operation, curriculum design and delivery, teacher and student development,evaluation and research, particularly in the aspects of language education and internationalization, in K-12 education. It is committed to the exploration and innovation of both ideology and practice, in the context of the university’s academic pursuit and a global perspective, to establish the excellence of international education.

E PLUS Division

E PLUS for K-12 BFSU designs a growing path for 4-18 year-olds by providing courses that build up their competence in three areas (known as the three pillars) – language studies, academic skills and social activities. It aims to prepare them to cope with a cross-cultural environment from both national and global perspectives. Programmes under this division include the ELT series, Classic Chinese and culture series, and camp series. By the year 2017, E PLUS for K-12 BFSU has established 32 campuses in 4 cities (Beijing, Nanjing, Xi’an and Hefei) in China with a total student number over 28,000.

School of International Education

Consisting of BFSU International Curriculum Centre, the Test Training Centre, and the Multilingual Foundation Programme Centre, the School of International Education provides an immersive solution of high-quality international education for students planning to study abroad at the high school or undergraduate level. The school runs a full-time BFSU International Curriculum Centre (BFSU-ICC) offering iGCSE and A Level programme. It also provides counselling, exam training, university application, visa and overseas assistance services to students going abroad. It offers pathway programmes (Eagle Plan) preparing junior middle school students for their international high school education home or abroad; academic English programmes preparing senior middle school students who are targeting top overseas universities; and multilingual foundation programmes preparing senior middle school students for their university education with destinations including Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Korea, Spain and Japan.

Education Partnership Division

The Education Partnership Division provides supports of foreign language education and international education features for full-time schools, focusing on the services and evaluation in three aspects including curriculum, teachers and students. In terms of curriculum, it provides four core curriculum systems: Foreign Language Education Curriculum, AA International Curriculum (A Level and AP), PASS International Curriculum (foundation programme for university) and an Extra-curriculum Activities Series. In terms of teachers, it offers a teaching accreditation system (SEC-TD) that includes pre- and in-service training, class observations, teaching and research support and evaluation. In terms of students, it provides an English proficiency certification system (SEC-EP), including admission diagnosis, progress support, formative and holistic assessment. In addition, comprehensive support is provided in school’s strategic development, management framework, facility construction, international examinations, international exchanges, counseling service, application for study abroad, study tours, staff recruitment, and specialist seminars.

The Education Partnership Division provides support to four types of schools:
.BFSU Affiliated Schools authorised by the University;
.BFSU International Curriculum Centres authorised by the University and Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International);
.existing or newly-founded state or independent schools dedicated to bringing in foreign language education characteristics and international education;
.schools under the ‘University-School Collaboration Programme’ run by Beijing metropolitan government.

International Examinations Division

The International Examinations Division administrates various international exams, including TOFEL, IELTS, IELTS for UKVI, IELT Life Skills, Aptis, AP, LSAT, TOEIC, IMAT, TKT,  A Level, Cambridge English Certification series, SSAT and BUSSATs. It also provides Cambridge English Certification Examiner trainings. Annual test candidates currently reach over 70,000. The International Examinations Division is responsible for the development and implementation of the BFSU International Examiners Certification System (SEC-EA), which provides systematic support and management for the training, development, assessment and grading of international examiners.

Counselling Division

The Counselling Division provides services in diagnosis, planning, university application, visa and overseas assistance to students going abroad. It also organizes project- and research-based short-term programmes home and abroad for high school students to develop their academic, professional and social skills. The Counselling Division is responsible for the development and implementation of the BFSU Counselling Certification System (SEC-CD), which provides the relevant career development path, training, evaluation and certification system for counsellors.

Academic Division

The Academic Division consists of two centres: the Teacher Development Centre and the Course Design and Development Centre. The Teacher Development Centre is responsible for the development and implementation of the BFSU International Teacher Qualification Certificate System (SEC-TD), which supports related divisions in pre- and in-service teacher training, professional development and evaluation. The Course Design and Development Centre undertakes core curriculum design and development tasks as well as curriculum-based teacher training.

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